Just in cases

 How early do I have to place an order?

The earlier the better, but we require a two week notice on your order. If you have less than a two week period, thats ok, still contact me and I might have a spot! I understand that life happens.

Do you deliver or do I have to pick it up?

I am local to Charlotte and will deliver within the greater Charlotte area, you are welcome to pick up your orders as well or we can also meet halfway.

Do you mail goodies?

I would love to be able to send everyone goodies – especially since I have so many loved ones across the USA – but, for now, I am only taking local orders. I am looking into figuring out an easy way to mail goodies so keep checking back, the option might be here before you know it!

How should I store my cakes?

Once you’ve all enjoyed whatever you ordered, remove from the box and move to an air-tight container to ensure freshness. Please do not refrigerate cakes, unless your box has a sticker that says ‘Please refrigerate me.’ Refrigerating some baked goods makes for a dry product. I never have cake left over for more than three days- the butter in the frosting is safe at a room temperature (70-72 degrees).

Do you make personalized character cakes?

As much as I would love to fulfill all your orders, there are times where I have to step back and let someone more qualified do the job. I am not a professional fondant decorator, so if you are looking for a character cake, I am not able to help you out. I can refer you to a few skilled bakers in the Charlotte area.

Do you make personalized orders or is your menu set?

        If you have a fun idea of flavors, lets hear it! I am constantly growing and trying new things.

Do you do gluten free/dairy free items?

I know many of you have food intolerances and I am currently working on being able to offer more options for my gluten free and dairy free friends. I don’t want to put my name on something if I haven’t tested it a number of times and love how it tastes. Stay tuned friends!