Thank you for your order!

Follow these tips to keep your batch fresh:

Once you’ve enjoyed your batch, remove from the box and move to an airtight container to ensure freshness. Please do not refrigerate cakes unless your box has a sticker that says ‘Please refrigerate me.’ Refrigerating some baked goods makes for a dry product. I never have cake left over for more than three days, but the butter in the frosting is safe at a room temperature

If you’ve placed a cake order a day before you want to enjoy it: A little trick I’ve learned in all my years of eating pastries and baking them: I pop the box in a cold oven or the microwave. It helps seal the freshness because the box itself is not air tight.

If you placed a cookie or any kind of bar order, transfer the remaining ones into a air tight container and leave at room temperature.

Thank you again for ordering!


Once you’ve enjoyed your batch please take a second and let me know what you think