Batch Box

Limited slots available!


Thank you for your interest in the VALENTINES Batch Box! You are in for a treat: a box full of different ALL CHOCOLATE flavored goodies made by yours truly. The box includes: two slices of different flavored cakes, four different flavors of cookies and one bar. All of the goodies are chocolate flavored, so chocolate is in every single batch.

The price of the Batch Box is $25.

The Valentines Batch Box is limited to the first 15 people that sign up via email and will be available for pick up February 10, 2018. The Batch Box is only for our friends local to Charlotte, NC.

Please contact me with any questions and slots for our first Batch Box were gone after the first 10 hours. So hurry!

Your email should say that you are interested in signing up for the batchbox, your name, feel free to include details like: who the box is for, how excited you are to eat or give the goodies, how you heard from us-

Thank you for supporting local businesses.