Batch Box

Limited slots available!

Thank you for your interest in the Valentines Batch Box! You are in for a treat: a box full of different CHOCOLATE flavored goodies made by yours truly. The box includes: two slices of different flavored cakes, four different flavors of cookies and one bar. It gives you a chance to try 7 different flavored items.

The price of the Batch Box is $30.

The Valentines Batch Box is limited to the first 48 people that sign up via email (it goes live Feb 1st at 10am EST) and will be available for pick up Feb 9th, 2019. Once 10 am hits- I will submit a post on my instagram and facebook saying that the sign up is live, NOTE: the post will also have a question that YOU MUST answer on your sign up email. I do this, to try to keep it fair (plus the question is always fun and lets me connect with my clients. the christmas batchbox question was ‘whats your favorite christmas song?’ and it was fun reading and singing all the songs as i went thru the emails!) The Batch Box is pick up only and for our friends local to Charlotte, NC.

Please contact me with any questions and slots for our first Batch Box were gone after the first 15 minutes. So hurry!

Thank you for supporting local businesses.