Rest. Such a small word with such a powerful meaning behind it. I often smirk when people suggest I rest. My mother says I have ants in my pants even as a little girl, I could never sit still. I love staying busy. In fact, I always tell my husband: ‘there is always something to do.’ Waves of being incredibly grateful that I get to do this all. Mother, student, wife, friend, problem solver, fire putter outer, counselor, comforter, baker, boo boo fixer… you name it, I feel like I am doing it. But there are also waves of sheer exhaustion. Long nights or early mornings when I wake up and my body kindly reminds me that I need to incorporate more self care. Maybe next week? Looks at calendar. Maybe at the end of the month? Looks at calendar. Schedules. Reschedules. And so on.

So Ive been sitting on a thought for a little bit- digesting it, processing it and talking it out with my husband. Here it goes: I have decided to close shop on Sundays for a day a week where I don’t check my email, where I wake up and snuggle my littles, where I can go to church without worrying I need to come home to bake a cake. I love what I do, and I love that you all trust me with being your baker- but I am a better person when I am recharged. If you know me in real life- you know how big a step this is for me (ahem, cue the Hallelujah chorus).

If you’re reading this and are only here for the cake: I get it! What does this all mean? Honestly, nothing huge. Just that you can’t place an order on Sunday and/or that you won’t receive an email or response from me on Sundays. If your event is on Sunday, I suggest you order for a late Saturday pick up. Let me know in your order email and I will give you storage tips and tricks to keep your batch fresh for Sunday.

Thanks for reading, I needed to purge these thoughts and put them out there- maybe to encourage you if you are reading this, to take a few moments in the week to recharge, to incorporate self care- you are a better person for it. What are some ways you rest and take care of yourself?