Theres a tiny section on this website that I wanted to dedicate to writing down some of my thoughts. Let me just start by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s placed an order, for your feedback, for your positive encouragement- starting a business is hard work, and even the smallest encouragement means so much to me. Please continue to tag your treats, give me feedback (I can’t grow if I am not listening to what you have to say), comment, message and order. 

I wanted to tell you a little of what goes on after you place an order, or what I like to call my promise to you but before I do, let me go back a little and give you a glimpse of everything i do. Im a grad student, completing my degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I’m a mama of a cute but energetic toddler Josefina Leonor who is almost two, a mama to a peanut who’s due in January, Im a wife to Pablo, an avid runner, and now a business owner/baker. Its always been my dream to own a little pastry shop where Pablo and I can live upstairs and I wake up at 3am to make fresh bread to sell, he paints and sells his paintings and we can retire. I never really dreamt of doing this in my “younger” years (I’m 30, if you can call that young HA) but sometimes our dreams are presented to us not exactly how we pictured them. I count myself extremely lucky that many people have approached me to pair up and start a bakery- I’m genuinely humbled. After a few offers, I remember telling my husband one day: maybe what I make really is good and worth considering pursuing even if its on a smaller scale. Soon after, my husband and I got our US residency and I was able to start my own business. Things kind of flowed so naturally, one of my closest friends made my logo in one shot and its perfection (she’s that good guys), another of my closest friends took my pictures (and made me and my house look incredible- she’s that good too) and my husband worked on my website until it was exactly what I wanted it (he’s pretty great too). I’m still ironing out some details behind owning a small business but- its a learning process. As of April 29th, the Batchmaker came to life and it literally would not be possible without your orders and support.

With all that being said here it is, my promise to YOU. Once you place that order- its always fun to know if the cake is for a birthday, a wedding, a bachelorette, an anniversary or anything else, so please remember to include that in your email to me because I promise to treat it as if it were for my own anniversary, birthday, daughter’s birthday, wedding, bachelorette, etc. I promise everything I make is fresh- even if it means I wake up at 4 am to bake your cake, I am up, Harry Potter is playing in the background and Im working on it as if it were for me to eat. Maybe all of this is one of the reasons why I always envisioned my shop being small, because I want to personally be a part of every order. Its who I am. Once your order is done, its either delivered or picked up and I send out an email of what I like to call Batchcare so make sure to check your email after! Last thing I want to mention, because its important to me. You already know that I care about your order, I want to know what you think once you’ve tasted it! It doesn’t mean you have to tell me you loved it if you didn’t, it just means that I want to be constantly growing and learning and any feedback is appreciated. You can send me an email, a text, a message or rate on Facebook! 

So this is where I leave you- when you place an order, you are supporting a small business, a mama who’s in grad school, supporting a dream of a seven year old girl frustrated that her easy bake oven couldn’t bake legit brownies. Thank you again.


Cris- the batchmaker